1-V:U Progressive Asian Series: Chinese Diaspora

Pop-Up at Stellar At 1-Altitude
From 21 Jan – 28 Feb (Subject to availability)
Thursday – Sunday | 6PM – 10 PM


Join us on a gastronomic voyage with Guest Head Chef, Chef Ace Tan, following our Chinese forefathers on an expedition across Asia, as we interpret the evolution of Chinese Cuisine at 1-V:U’s latest sky high pop-up.

In the first installment of Season 2 of our Progressive Asian Series, Chef Ace pays homage to early Chinese wayfarers who migrated to different parts of Asia and in turn, evolved Chinese Cuisine to meet the different cultures, terrains, and produce that they came across. A true embodiment of Progressive Asian Cuisine, our ‘Chinese Diaspora’ menu brings you the experience of heritage and evolution with every dish.










“Har Gow” – Slipper Lobster | Rice Skin | Uni | Jicama

“Shao Mai – Minced Pork Belly | Black Fungus | Smoked Quail Egg | Pickled Goji











“Mapo Tofu-Mushi” – Soy Egg Custard | Eggplant | Razor clams | Garlic Chives












Beef Short Rib | Buah Keluak | Winged Beans Bakwan | Tempeh


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Reservations: +65 8879 8765 (Whatsapp)