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The first-of-its-kind in Singapore, a collaboration of two contemporary luxury leaders. Tasked with creating the ultimate experience, this ‘secret’ chamber houses a completely unique sensorium at Singapore’s highest multi-concept lifestyle destination 1-Altitude. An unimaginable environment, a multi-sensory journey evolving from sensational visuals to evocative aromas, tastes and sounds with a specially curated, personalised experience.


Stellar at 1-Altitude Unveils Multi-Sensorial Experiences Within The Plénitude Suite

Taking Luxury Dining To New Heights

In partnership with Dom Pérignon Society, AISA Episode 2 will be a feast for the senses. AISA (pronounced as Ay-sar [eɪ s'ɑ:]) stands for Art Invokes Senses (and) Appetite, and is the brainchild of Chef Ace Tan, who is renowned for his deftness in exploring the region’s rich culinary heritages.
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Four Seasons and Asian Five Elements

ART is the collaboration with the artists and the meeting of creative minds, intending to bring more than a dining experience to the table.
INVOKES the 4 seasons and 5 Asian elements reflected in the menu created by this collaboration, influenced by the Chinese belief of the importance of maintaining a multi-coloured diet.
SENSES are touched with the visual elements of the artists, including sounds of music specially curated and created for this immersive dining experience, with smells and of course, taste from the uniquely constructed menu.
APPETITE is stimulated with the choice of 6- or 9- feat Menu, Chef Ace has specially put together tantalising Asian plates, with expressions of Asian flavours being showcased, in the form of seasons.


Given the exclusivity of this fine dining experience, each dinner in the Plénitude Suite will only serve a limited number of seats a night.
Our Plénitude Guest relations manager, Chesca will curate every element of the experience.

For reservations, please contact
Chesca G. Dimaano Head of Concierge:


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